The Gift of Monday

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The concept of work has changed over time due to a plethora of reasons, some being global advancements, technological evolutions, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing major disruptions in the workplace. Many professionals have begun to view the age-old gift of work as a burden and only a few find joy and fulfillment through it.

For many, work is burdensome, unappealing and depressing, yet they can’t quit because it is the only avenue through which their bills are paid. Was work really meant to be tolerated?
This book explores the fundamentals of work and seeks to remind us of the core purpose of work. It is a call for us to revisit our intentions around labor and to find meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction from work so that we can see every Monday and the subsequent workdays as a gift.

Hassan Kibirango is a certified leadership trainer and executive coach, with a Master’s degree in Leadership from Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. He also holds a global diploma in Executive Leadership Coaching from the International Coaching Federation. He is a mentor to many and an advisor to institutions through the boards he serves on. Hassan also serves as a pastor at Christian Life Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda. He is married to his best friend, Joan and both are blessed with four children. Hassan’s calling is to help others find their purpose.


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