Keza and the Green City

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The goal of the book is to educate the young people of Rwanda about sustainable urban development and its relevance for Rwanda’s future growth. It was also created to empower Rwanda’s children to become ambassadors for the environment.

Keza And the Green City revolves around an 11-year-old Rwandan girl called Keza. The story starts with Keza and her family leaving their home in Bugesera and moving to Kigali because extreme drought has destroyed their crops and livelihood. Initially, Keza is very sad to have left her home and has a hard time adjusting to life in the city due to pollution, traffic and the crowded neighbourhood. Her grades at school also begin to suffer because she spends hours at the overcrowded water pump fetching water for her family instead of doing her homework. One day, after heavy rain, her neighbourhood is completely flooded and mudslides cause many houses to collapse. The children, with the help of a young inventor and their science teacher, decide to take action and start rebuilding the houses using natural materials available in the area. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Kigali is trying to find solutions to reduce the effects of climate change and to protect the citizens of Rwanda. He believes the only way forward is to build a green city that provides adequate shelter and protection while reducing harmful emissions. When the Mayor finds out about the children’s initiative, he joins their effort and immediately starts building sustainable houses, equips every house with solar panels, and introduces electric mobility. When the Green City comes to life, the communities celebrate and Keza becomes the new Rwandan ambassador for climate change.


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Green City Kigali, Imagine We Publishers



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